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*FREE* Take Me to Truth : Undoing the Ego download book
*FREE* Take Me to Truth : Undoing the Ego download book

Nouk Sanchez,Tomas Viera,: Take Me to Truth : Undoing the Ego

Take Me to Truth : Undoing the Ego


"Take Me to Truth" is the first book to address the fundamental problem that all spiritual seekers face on the journey to awakening; the ego. As Gary Renard says in the Foreword..."despite the thousands of things we may appear to have to choose from in this world, there are really only two things, and only one of them is real." The ego is not. Most books today are still teaching how to find liberation within the dream. "Take Me to Truth" wakes us out of the dream. It stands alone, as an unprecedented approach to ego-relinquishment. It courageously unravels and demystifies the ego-release process and provides direct guidance on undoing the cause of all human suffering; our distorted belief system. "Take Me to Truth" is a powerful six-stage navigational guide that takes us through the six remarkable stages of undoing ego. Each of these stages becomes an experience of deepening trust, eventually removing all existing blocks to the awareness of the Infinite Love that we are and have. It bridges the yawning gap that exists between seeking enlightenment and finding it.

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Author: Nouk Sanchez,Tomas Viera,
Number of Pages: 176 pages
Published Date: 01 Sep 2007
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
Publication Country: New Alresford, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781846940507
Download Link: Click Here


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